About Us

Do the Earth a Favor, Be a Power Saver

Engineering SAL was founded in Beirut - Lebanon in 1995

by engineer Naji Geha

We specialize in delivering state of the art technology & electrical sustainable design for high-end building projects based on local & international codes of practice & regulations using latest calculation software.

We deliver high quality designs for electrical systems as per international standards that are customized to suit the needs & preferences of our clients in the public & private sectors &
We serve multiple engineering firms in more than 20 countries across the Middle East and North Africa
We offer our extensive experience of more than two decades in the field of electrical design such as power & low current systems industry. At Geha Engineering we leverage more than 25 years of expertise to create detailed designs that are functional, construction-able & meet our clients high expectations. The focus of our design is to complete properties electrical systems as quickly as possible, & in full compliance to required codes of practice

We take pride in our work & strive to remain a distinguished design team devoted to professionalism, growth, long term client relationship & on time quality service

Some of our Clients

Banks Projects

  • Blom Bank - 80 Branches, Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq
  • First National Bank - 20 Branches, Lebanon
  • Bank of Beirut - 7 Branches, Lebanon
  • Bank of Iraq Trading - Head Office, Lebanon
  • Cedrus Bank - 4 Branches, Lebanon
  • Blom Bank Data Center - 2nd Disaster Recovery

Educational Projects

  • American University of Beirut - Lebanon
  • University of Ballamand - Lebanon
  • Holy Spirit University - USEK Jbeil, Lebanon
  • American Community School- Beirut, Lebanon
  • Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College - Lebanon
  • SABIS Intl. School – Duhok, Iraq

Healthcare Projects

  • Lebanon Geitaoui Hospital - Lebanon
  • Halba Hospital - Lebanon
  • Modern Complex Hospital - Yemen
  • General Trading Hospital - Baaqouba, Iraq
  • General Trading Hospital - Baghdad, Iraq
  • Kano Healthcare Center - Kano, Nigeria

Hospitality Projects

  • Hilton Hotel - Aqaba, Jordan
  • Intercontinental Hotel – Al Khobar, KSA
  • Pullman Hotel - Ghana
  • Millennium Hotel – Basra, Iraq
  • Royal Golden Tulip Hotel – Skikda, Algeria
  • Coral Suite Hotel - Beirut, Lebanon

Residential Projects

  • 150 Apartments St. Georges Towers - Achrafieh, Lebanon
  • 600 Apartments RBV - Skikda, Algeria
  • 480 Apartments Rosha - Angola
  • 750 Apartments JAHP - KSA
  • 220 Apartments Maronite Project - Lebanon
  • 250 Apartments Sorouh Tower - UAE

Commercial Projects

  • Bader Shopping Center - Makkeh, KSA
  • Hitachi Center - Lebanon
  • Volvo showroom - Lebanon
  • USAID - Greenhouse Projects - Lebanon
  • Tadamon Bank Tower - Yemen
  • Nestle Headquarter - Lebanon

List of countries reached by Geha Engineering

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Burkina Faso